A movie about the Dutch war hero Truus Wijsmuller, a women who saved the lives of thousands of Jewish children.



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Priority of the documentary is to give Truus Wijsmuller the national and international credits that she didn’t receive yet, as well as a space in the history books that she can so rightfully claim.


The biggest part of the story will be told by the former Kindertransport children themselves, the children that were saved by Truus Wijsmuller.

After intensive research, we have been able to locate a group of children that owe their life to the Kindertransport and miss Wijsmuller’s actions.

Of the group of 74 children that she was able to rescue from the orphanage 'Burgerweeshuis' in Amsterdam on the last day before the capitulation of the Netherlands, a remarkable amount of 'children' is still alive and more than willing to share their memories.
This is the story of the group who was able to leave at the exact moment Holland was surrendering, and who was taken on board of the SS Bodegraven from IJmuiden to England – a voyage that took them six rough days at sea.

From England to Israel and from New Jersey (USA) to Toronto (Canada) we have been able to locate and speak to several Kindertransport children. 

In the words of the son of one of the ‘children’ we recently traced down in the New Jersey, while we were in the middle of filming in London:
“It is too bad we didn’t have more notice or I would have suggested to him that we come to London. Your documentary will help preserve an important part of our history and bring further recognition to a well deserving ‘Righteous Gentile’.”
We hope we can go and interview his father soon.

Right now, we are still looking for funds to make sure we find back/speak to all the living children Truus saved, visit them and perpetuate their memories. 

Please get in touch with us via truus@bluntcinema.com if you are interested in helping us in any way.